The Farnley and Weston
Presevation Line

A small little railway for the big kid

Just updated: railway on hold.

Yet again the railwayway has been halted at the point of competion, as my young lad reaches his first year. There's been a mad dash to complete the garden for hosting his first birthday, which seems to be this with this garden a long uphill struggle.

The bad weather hasn't dampened spirit, and the garden should be a good way complete by the time of his birthday. with just a patio to lay, and a lawn with paved edging, (ps did I mention that his birthday is the 15th May, and I'm writing this on 28th April)

Theres a lot of finishing off to do around the garden. For example there's weed fabric to put put down in two places in the garden, and about a quarter of a ton of gravel to lay. There is a lot of block work to paint in a textured masonary paint. To add to this all the block work has a wooden coping cut to the curves of the blockwork. There's a lot more that hasn't been told but in time, there's a lot to do! I swear pics shall follow of this!

Welcome to the Farnley and Weston Railway


The railway Is to a scale of 16mm to the foot running on 32mm gauge track, which equates to 1:19th scale.  I have always been interested in quirkie things, and to me some of the prototypes are very unusual. Which is why I like them so much! There was never a standard loco to any line,

Generally the railway companies for each line had an engine designed for them, (if it was a profitable line), or bought second hand mine or mineral locos, (if the line was not so lucky). The fact that trains were narrow gauge, gave rise to variations, in gauge boiler design, wheel design, cab arrangment, body outline, and many other things which I am not going into here. I think it's the variation of rolling stock and locos which pleases so many people in this particular scale.

The reason the line is under presevation is that the idea of a garden railway, very nearly got scrapped! (GASP!)This was due to the fact that a lot of time and money went into the garden last year, and at the end of the year it looked worse! You can veiw these expliots of mine by clicking on THE LOST YEAR tab at the top of the page. Now though there is light at the end of the tunnel, The first simplex loco treaded gingerly over the unballasted tracks, The pond at lake veiw is finished and just needs it's platform. Check the diary to learn more!

Guess what the History and Pictures pages have just been updated.

Farnley as a village is well under way, and should soon have shops, houses, and even a pub if that takes your fancy? Take a look at the photos page for September, I'll give you a much better idea of the direction I'm heading with the railway than my rambalings.

Pop back soon to keep upto date!

Still to come

On this website I hope you will find many things that take your interest,

The diary page is always worth a visit, as it's updated once a month,(not religiously but give or take a week)This is my first garden railway, and something I have longed for, for at least the last 7 years.

The HISTORY page has a fictious story of how the line came into preservation and also a tour of the line, hopefully it will look as good as it sound when completed.Take a look at the THE LOST YEAR page to see what I was up against in 2009.

The PHOTO'S page has some new shots of projects underway, an gives a glimse of how they will look when finished. The railway looks almost complete even though it's far from what I'm wanting. There will also be a page devoted to our two ducks and their shinanagins! Which is now updated and a new member has arrived. road runner as were calling him.

The trains are now chuffing, on Farnley and Weston Railway! (Albeit under battery power.) The loop of track has now finally been joined!

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